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Gift of the Night Fury caps.
 httyd - (bibliodragon)
04:52pm 25/11/2011
bibliodragon posting in Welcome to Dragon Training!

Part 1
Part 2

Anyone else nearly pass out from cuteness overdose from this?
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fantasyverse // let your imagination run wild
 httyd - (burntheflaws)
03:24am 29/08/2011
Lily posting in Welcome to Dragon Training!

Fantasy fans can unleash their creative skills at fantasyverse, an interactive land comm where members are split into different teams and compete in a range of challenges involving fantasy fandoms (books, movies, TV shows, etc). Anything from vampires to Disney to Harry Potter to underrated fantasy films and books flies here. Challenges are also varied and feature luck games, graphics challenges, writing and even choose-your-own-adventure games, and that's not even scratching the surface.

The teams are Dragon, Unicorn and Phoenix. Come join the fun, and if you do please say that burntheflaws referred you!

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14 icons.
 httyd - (demeter)
06:32pm 14/02/2011
мєяcυяιαℓ。 posting in Welcome to Dragon Training!
【020】 Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon fanart (Usagi, Rei, Minako, Makoto, Michiru, Michiru/Haruka, Hotaru, Black Lady)
【005】 The Girl Who Leapt Through Time fanart (Makoto, Chiaki)

【014】 How To Train Your Dragon (Hiccup, Astrid)

【016】 Treasure Planet (Jim Hawkins)
【025】 Stock (mostly girls)
【014】 Art (Mokaffe, misc.)

【003】 Banners (Beauty and the Beast)

1 2 3

see the rest here at castledust.
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Japanese Fanart
 httyd - (ships_cat_nyan)
01:13am 13/02/2011
ships_cat_nyan posting in Welcome to Dragon Training!
(WARNING: Broken English Spoken Perfectly!)
I'm new to the community and would make my first contribution by showing you some Japanese fanart I collected from (that's something like deviantart). It's not my art, I'd be happy if I could draw like these wonderful fans do. But I'm posting it, because due to the language barrier it would be difficult to find these pictures. Please comment if you like them and if you want to see more.

WARNING: One pic is a tad NSFW.

Artist: shiro752000

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tags: fanart
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Forbidden Friendship Picspam
 httyd - (bibliodragon)
06:06pm 25/01/2011
bibliodragon posting in Welcome to Dragon Training!

(183 Screencaps This Way!)
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"I Come From The North!" Screamed the deadline to the writers.
 httyd - (httydbb_mod)
03:28am 16/09/2010
HTTYD Big Bang Mod posting in Welcome to Dragon Training!

Hey there, everyone! The mods over at httyd_bigbang just wanted to let you know:

(for rough drafts)

So go check out the community for the latest news on the Big Bang!

~The Mods

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 httyd - (blevins)
04:29am 20/08/2010
brella posting in Welcome to Dragon Training!
Heyyyy guyyys. :D I come with another foolish video that I spent all day making (then again, I've been wanting to do it forever).

You guessed it; a mashup trailer with Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and HTTYD.


Ramona dated twins?
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Live action Tuffnut ?
 httyd - (melonhoney)
08:10am 20/08/2010
melonhoney posting in Welcome to Dragon Training!
I'm sorry if this isn't relevant to the comm. If anyone has a problem with this post, please let me know and I will delete it.

A random find. Mostly for the girls. Opinions?Collapse )
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two fanvids; one astrid/hiccup, one gen
 httyd - (blevins)
05:44pm 05/08/2010
brella posting in Welcome to Dragon Training!
I come bearing fanvids!
They're not super duper fabulous or anything, seeing as I just use WMM, but I'm proud enough of them to show to other people. c:

astrid&hiccup ; stardust to remember you by ("Boats and Birds" – Gregory and the Hawk)
httyd ; tie my handlebars to the stars ("Cave In" – Owl City)
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kvisa (fic, hiccup/astrid, pg)
 httyd - (blevins)
04:27pm 27/07/2010
brella posting in Welcome to Dragon Training!
Title: Kvisa
Fandom: How to Train Your Dragon
A look at what transpired on the voyage back to Berk after the battle with the dragon queen.
Author’s Notes: Kvisa means “to whisper” in old Norse. I chose that language because the Vikings in Berk seem to worship the Norse gods, so it makes sense. In my mind. Sort of. Somewhat inspired by the track “Tristan & Yvaine” from the Stardust original soundtrack; it might be nice to listen to while you read. Add to the mood and all.

here at my journal !
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